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Welcome to the Wolper Jewish Hospital Preconception Genetic Screening Program

Every pregnancy carries a small risk of having a baby with a genetic condition. Most genetic inherited conditions occur when both parents are healthy, but each carries a faulty copy of the same gene. This is more likely to occur if both parents have the same ethnic background, such as Jewish ancestry, but can sometimes occur with parents of different heritage.

The Preconception Genetic Screening Program offers genetic testing to individuals and couples of Jewish ancestry who are thinking about having a baby either soon, or sometime in the future. The results from this testing give you information about the risks of a genetic condition affecting your future children. However in rare circumstances, the results may have some implications for your personal health. The results can help you make important choices about future pregnancies.

Preconception genetic screening can be arranged for eligible individuals by completing the form that follows these information pages.

Who is this program suitable for?

  • The Preconception Genetic Screening is available to you if you live in NSW, have at least one Jewish grandparent - and are aged over 18 years.
  • The program is not suitable if you or your partner are already pregnant. If you or your partner are pregnant, we recommend that you contact our genetic counsellor by emailing or your GP to discuss genetic testing in pregnancy if neither of you have had genetic carrier screening.
  • The Preconception Genetic Screening Program may not be suitable if you or your partner know that there is a serious genetic condition in members of your family. Please contact our genetic counsellor by emailing to discuss genetic testing if you know there is a genetic condition in a blood relative.

Screening options

The Preconception Genetic Screening program gives you two options. Both options use a self-collected cheek swab sample .

If you do not like these options and you want to undergo extensive carrier screening as an individual, please contact our genetic counsellor , Nicole Cousens, on

How does genetic screening work?

The information on the following pages will explain what genetic screening does and how it works. Screening can give you information about the chance that some specific genetic conditions may affect your future children.

Please note:

  • The two screening options available through the Preconception Genetic Screening Program are not the same as non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) or first trimester combined screening (FTCS). These tests look for evidence of an abnormality in a baby’s chromosomes. They are not carried out prior to conception as are the two screening options available through the Preconception Screening Program. Additionally, NIPT and FTCS are used to detect different chromosomal conditions.

  • Neither of the two screening options available through the Preconception Genetic Screening Program will give information about cancer related genes. If you want information about genetic testing for cancer related genes see

There are four steps to taking part in the Preconception Genetic Screening Program

1. Click start below and read through the information provided on the following screens. You can always contact us if you need more information. If you decide to go ahead, complete the online form to register and consent to the testing.

2. We will send you the appropriate test kit in the mail. You can easily collect your own DNA sample with the cheek swab provided.

3. Mail your sample back using the reply envelope included in your kit. Your sample will be analysed and a report prepared.

4. We will get in touch with you with your result when it is ready. You may receive an email or a phone call from a genetic counsellor to discuss your results.

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