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Welcome to the Wolper Jewish Hospital Preconception Genetic Screening Program

Which conditions are covered by the tests?

Conditions are included in the Program if they:

  1. Consistently cause severe disease in childhood

  2. Are well-studied and understood by scientists

  3. Are common enough in the population being screened to make screening effective

The Preconception Genetic Screening Program gives you two options for genetic screening. Both options use a self collected cheek swab sample .

Option 1

  • The Preconception Genetic Screening Program offers free testing of the most common serious genetic conditions found in the Jewish community

  • Testing is done through NSW Health Pathology

  • There is no cost if you choose this testing

The conditions covered by this testing are listed below:

This list includes the nine conditions that are currently screened in the High School Genetic Screening Program. This Program has been offering genetic screening in Sydney’s Jewish schools for over 25 years and has had a significant impact on reducing the rate of conditions such as Tay Sachs disease in the Jewish community.

Option 2

  • You may want to know if you and your partner are at risk of having a baby with 1 of up to 390 different conditions, which are not all especially common in our Jewish community, but are found in all different populations around the world.

  • Testing is done through an Australian laboratory called Virtus Genetics

  • This option is partly covered by medicare and costs $510 per couple, after the medicare rebate. This is paid directly to Virtus Genetics.

  • This test includes all of the conditions covered in option 1

  • This test is only available to a couple, and reports results as "low risk" or "high risk" based on your combined results  as a couple. It does not provide individual results. 

  • If you want to undergo individual extensive carrier screening, please contact the genetic counsellor on


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