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Points to Consider

Sharing information

If you are found to carry a BRCA gene fault, it would indicate that one of your parents also carries it. This may make them anxious about their own health, and concerned for you and your siblings. Many parents feel guilty about passing on a faulty gene, even though it was out of their control.

It also may indicate that there are other relatives who may carry it.

Passing on information about a BRCA gene fault to relatives can be very difficult, however it is information that may affect their health care. Genetic counselling services strongly encourage information about BRCA gene faults to be passed on to anyone who may also carry it. The clinic staff can assist by providing letters for you to pass on to your relatives.

Concerned about passing on results to relatives, and would like to discuss this with a genetic counsellor before proceeding? Our genetic counsellor can be contacted by emailing

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